Custom Lightsabers

Lightsabers have been of great fascination to many people ever since they were first showcased in Star Wars movies. Kids all over the world have dreamt of owning their own custom made lightsabers, which are used by heroes in movies. Because of this enthusiasm, a lot of replicas are being made today with their prices ranging from as little as $5 all the way to as much as $500 for specially made real lightsabers.

Online companies sell their own custom made replicas, and countless fans are always seeking ways of making their own. Sites such as eBay have an abundance of books that claim to teach on making custom lightsabers as well as useful websites. A lot is going on about these devices.

In order to make your own custom lightsaber, one requires extensive skills and knowledge in the field of electronics and diode transmission. It is not an easy thing to build one from the ground, and for that the necessary know how has to be present. If you are not an engineering enthusiast then you stand little or no chance at all of building your own custom lightsaber, and unless you are prepared to acquire this knowledge you might as well get one from a shop. There are hundreds of online stores that sell these.

Inside a Lightsaber

For you to successfully make your custom lightsaber, you will have to know the characteristics of this device as well as well as all the components.

The major components of a lightsaber include:

  • A power cell as well as some associated components
  • An energy chamber
  • A blade arc tip as well as an energy channel
  • The controls

Power Cell

A lightsaber obviously requires a lot of energy to emit that bright light. Any device that can slice through a blast door in Star Wars requires a lot of energy and this energy is stored in megawatts.

The right source for energy storage is a diatium cell, and this can be found from a wide range of civilian as well as military sources.

Energy Chamber 

This area is responsible for energy conversion. Two crystals are used in the chamber and these are; the primary crystal and the focusing crystals. The primary crystals are responsible for converting energy drawn from the power source onto the focusing crystals. The focusing crystals are held by the crystal activator.

Energy Channel and Controls

The energy channel is where the lightsaber blade is drawn from; the energy flowing through the energy chambers is then converted into arc energy which will then become the blade. The controls are there so as to regulate the length and intensity of the blade. The blade can go up to 30 centimeters in length, but can also be reduced downwards. Controls also help in the activation and deactivation of the blade.

These are some of the basic things that one has to know in order to create a custom lightsaber. From here you can design your own lightsaber bearing in mind how it works.

Build Your Own Lightsaber

Most lightsaber lovers are incredible followers of Star Wars movies. The unique characters, space ships and set locations are mind blowing and for that, many want a piece of the action.


Custom Lightsaber

In order to make your own custom lightsaber, you require a lot of skill as well as technical knowledge. Making this device is not an easy thing, and one of the best things you will require for your blade is something that emits a bright light.