From Staff to Dual Lightsabers: Using a Quick Release Coupler

The world of lightsaber collecting gives the dedicated enthusiast plenty to work with. For the collector, there are quite a few options when it comes to finding the ideal saber—the one that best suits their aesthetic preferences and, if applicable, their combat style. Once the collector has grown accustomed to their very first lightsaber—usually a single-blade model—they often want to dive deeper into the alternative versions out there. They want to experiment with different hilt types, or play around with a lightsaber staff, or try out some dazzling new colors. Even if they never find the “perfect” saber, they’ll probably have a lot of fun along the way.

If you’re an adventurous sort who’s interested in non-standard lightsaber options, you really need to know about the UltraSabers quick release coupler. It’s a simple device that enables you to link two single-blade sabers to assemble a staff, and undo a staff to create two fully functional sabers. And the process of turning one saber into two, or the reverse, takes only a moment, without the need for special tools.

What Is a Lightsaber Coupler?

A lightsaber coupler, sometimes called a staff coupler, is a small cylindrical device with openings at each end into which lightsaber hilts can be attached. Like most lightsaber accessories, they exist in numerous colors and subtypes. One of these subtypes is the quick release coupler.

As the name implies, the quick release coupler enables the user to fasten together and unfasten two sabers in a very speedy manner, using only their fingers to activate the mechanism. This means the wielder has additional options for sparring with opponents or executing forms: They can make the transition from dual lightsabers to full-on Darth Maul saberstaff mode in just a moment or two.


How to Use an UltraSabers Quick Release Coupler

Because it has been designed to be activated in the heat of battle, the UltraSabers quick release coupler is extremely easy to use. To install a quick release coupler, just screw it onto the end of your hilt with your bare hand. From there, you can easily add another saber to the coupler to create a double bladed lightsaber or staff. You achieve this by pulling back the ring on the coupler, using your thumb and forefinger, to shift the ball bearings out of position and permit the attachment of another hilt. Once the hilt is attached properly, you release the ring so the ball bearings can lock into place.

Removing a hilt is a similar process. First, you pull back the ring, then yank the hilt out of the coupler. It’s that simple.   with additional information about the UltraSabers quick release coupler.

Incidentally, alternating between staff and dual saber configurations has a firm precedent in the Star Wars universe. Sith assassin Asajj Ventress, best remembered for her participation in the Clone Wars, used her distinctive curved-hilt lightsabers in this fashion, joining and unjoining them as the occasion required.

A variety of UltraSabers couplers, including quick release models, are available through this website. If you have questions about our couplers or any of our other high-quality products, please contact us at your earliest convenience.