Plug it in, Plug it in…

New Blade Plug Designs

When we first crafted the Blade Plug, our intention was to provide something that would keep the electronics of your sabers in pristine condition. Adding that touch of flair to an ignited saber when it was resting on a shelf or swinging from its master’s hip was completely secondary! We initially set to work and crafted our first blade plugs from a one-inch long cut of our mid-grade blades and topped them with a small piece of metal to keep everything stable and sturdy.

The response was overwhelming, and the Ultrasabers Blade Plug quickly became a must for any saber owner. The flare at the end of the hilt from our super bright LEDs coupled with the sleek design gave each saber a unique look of beauty and power when they weren’t in use.

Since their inception we fancied our blade plugs as simple, yet elegant pieces that could showcase a saber, and over the years we got countless emails from you fans asking us when we would try out new styles or shapes, with just as many others telling us how perfect they were in their hilt.

After years of sticking with our single design, we’ve finally unveiled three new patterns to join our simple ring-style Blade Plug! A more complex ring of windows makes up our “Circle” blade plug, a simple windowed cross emitter is featured on our X Blade Plug, and for the die-hard UltraSabers fans out there: the US blade plug lets you carry us on your emitter. Check our lightsaber blade plugs out below, and be sure to pick one up with your next saber! Check them out below, and be sure to pick one up with your next saber!