Things You Need to Know About UltraSabers’ Emerald Driver

Once you get involved in the world of lightsaber collecting, it soon becomes clear that different people have different preferences in design and functionality. Some collectors are interested mainly in a saber that can be used for sparring purposes, and for those individuals we offer Heavy Grade blades that are engineered to endure vigorous contact. Others pay special attention to the coloration of the blade itself. Collectors in this latter category certainly have a wide array of options in UltraSabers’ line of products, with blade colors ranging from Fire Orange to Violet Amethyst.

However, it’s important to realize that with Ultrasabers, your options aren’t necessarily limited to selecting just a single color for the blade—if you have one of our Emerald sabers in your possession. Any enthusiast who loves brightly colored lightsabers owes it to themselves to become acquainted with our Emerald sabers. These sabers are equipped with a unique LED driver—the Emerald Driver—that can generate a broad palette of colors and display them in various eye-catching ways.

Many of our customers have found that our Emerald sabers provide the most authentic lightsaber experience currently available. Without further ado, let’s take this opportunity to cast a spotlight on our Emerald lightsaber and its (literally) colorful features.

Capabilities of UltraSabers’ Emerald Driver

If you’ve ever wanted a color-changing lightsaber, then our Emerald Driver is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

The driver includes four individual color channels that can be adjusted to create nearly any blade coloration you may desire. Want to know what it’s like to spar with a purple lightsaber like Mace Windu’s? Interested in testing out a brand-new color for a photo op? Feeling tempted by those red Sith lightsabers? The Emerald Driver lets you try out new color combinations with a few clicks.

That’s not all. With an Emerald saber, you also have various options for putting your preferred color schemes into action. The on/off pulse mode allows the user to shift between two colors at a customized time interval. When you order an Emerald saber, you will be prompted to select a default blade color and then an alternate color for your blade’s pulse. The blade will slowly shift between the two colors when the saber is ignited. It’s important to understand that these colors can be changed at any time, and to any colors in the spectrum that you can imagine- That’s what the Emerald Driver is all about.

Furthermore, the Emerald Driver gives you access to the Flash on Clash option, which is especially useful for individuals who are into sparring. The feature generates light and sound effects when the blade comes into contact with another object (like an opponent’s lightsaber). The blade rapidly flickers between two colors of your choosing, and the duration of the effect can be lengthened or shortened according to your preferences.

Emerald Drivers can be added to just about every saber in the arsenal, and come in sound and no-sound models. It must be kept in mind, though, that the Flash on Clash feature is only available on sound-enabled sabers. This is because the Flash on Clash feature is triggered by the soundboard’s functionality for detecting impact.

UltraSabers’ multi-colored Emerald saber is just one of the reasons why we’re first and foremost among manufacturers of combat-ready lightsabers. Contact us with any questions you may have about our product inventory.