What Lightsaber Blade Should You Buy?

UltraSabers is well known among collectors for offering a wide variety of design features in our line of lightsabers. Are you looking for a blue lightsaber to display your devotion to the Jedi cause or a red lightsaber to support the Sith? Do you prefer the expanded combat capabilities presented by the double-bladed lightsaber? Does your style demand a light, single blade lightsaber for quick flourishes, or a hefty blade for powerful swings? Every saber across the arsenal is available with these options and more, giving every fan and duelist access to the perfect configuration for their needs.  For some of our customers, all these choices can be a bit overwhelming!

To help determine your best lightsaber to buy, we thought it would be helpful for you to learn about the various advantages and disadvantages associated with certain blade features.

Blade Options

Color is usually the first thing to come to mind when designing a lightsaber, so we’ve made sure you have every option to ignite from the galaxy far, far away. Some people consciously select a color inspired by or associated with a specific element of Star Wars canon, like Luke Skywalker’s blue or green lightsabers or the red of the Sith blades). If you find yourself unable to commit to a single color, our Emerald Driver allows you to change your blade color whenever you feel like it, as well as provide a number of other awesome options such as Flash on Clash or two-color pulse.

Most UltraSabers veterans agree that the Heavy Grade blades make the best lightsabers for dueling, especially for high-impact or heavy combat. These blades are extremely thick and capable of handling all kinds of abuse. Other times, people prefer their blades to be as bright as possible. Our Midgrade blades are designed to provide the kind of intense illumination they seek. That’s not to say, however, that our Midgrade blades can’t be used for sparring. They are certainly lightsabers you can fight with, but they are half as thick as their Heavy-Grade counterparts, making them not quite as durable, or as well suited for full-contact sparring.  Midgrade blades can bend during heavy sparring sessions, but because they are made of the same polycarbonate material, they will not break. Something to keep in mind, Heavy Grade blades are, as the name suggests, heavier than Midgrade types. If you’re mainly into doing cool spins and similar stunts with your saber, a Heavy Grade blade may be too cumbersome for comfort during quick maneuvers.

Each blade is available with our very own Ultraedge. Ultraedge blades contain white polycarbonate, which has the effect of extending the light of the blade to its very edge. This gives the blade a “fuller” look when it is ignited.

Our standard blade length is 36 inches, but we offer a number of other sizes ranging from our 24-inch Initiate size to extra-long 36-inches, or even custom sizes ranging from 4 inches for coastguard blades to 48 inches for those who need some extra reach.

When selecting your blade’s size, please keep your own height in mind! Younglings and wielders under 55-inches tall often find themselves wielding a 32-inch blade, regardless of the grade they’ve selected, while taller users tend to wield 36-inch blades (or even longer!)

The emitter of every UltraSaber is crafted to a standard measurement, allowing any saber across the arsenal to be equipped with a blade of any size or grade, allowing you to easily swap one for another based on the occasion.  Many UltraSabers owners even keep a selection of blades on hand to be ready for anything.

You can always contact us with your questions about our lightsaber blades or any of our other products. Additionally, our official forum over at is a great resource for further information about our authentic functional lightsabers.