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Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber: Spectre Custom Lightsaber


Spectre Lightsaber


Rise from the ashes & strike from the shadows. Featuring one of the most beautiful emitters we've ever crowned an Ultrasaber with, and the first Ultrasaber with a rounded hand guard. The Spectre's body has an intricate circuit board look that's sure to turn some heads, and is wrapped in a sleek silver shroud.

UltraProffie Lightsabers

Control everything from simple blade color & sound profiles, to adjusting sensitivity settings for every motion of the saber. Smooth Swing, Tip Drag, Blaster Mode & more. It's all here & available with simple gesture controls through our proprietary onboard menu.


Featuring 128 individual brilliant LEDs that run the length of the blade, Neopixel Blades allow you to customize every inch of your lightsaber's blade. Change your blade's color to any hue you can imagine, apply new ignition & retraction visuals or flame-flicker & molten color effects to your blade, and so much more.


Build your own lightsaber from millions of combinations to discover your true calling as a Jedi Master! Ultrasabers is renowned throughout the galaxy for premium-quality lightsabers. If you’re in search of a custom lightsaber blade to call your own, Ultrasabers stands ready to equip you with the most “elegant weapon, for a civilized age.”

Choose your hilt and construct your blade with our UltraProffie Lite Soundboard, the best lightsaber sound effects board on the market, and show your true colors with the newest revolution in lightsaber LED technology.

Construct a weapon that fits all lightsaber combat styles in the Star Wars universe, Jedi and Sith alike. Whether you are looking for a weapon to use in lightsaber duels or a replica energy blade, Ultrasabers has every option for all Star Wars fans.


From day one here at Ultrasabers, we realized that your satisfaction is our success, and we strive for it every day. Read through thousands of honest reviews from real Ultrasabers.com customers that have been gathered since 2015, and add your own to our growing list.



Can I Duel With Ultrasabers Lightsabers?

Yes, every custom lightsaber Ultrasabers produces is combat-ready. While they also look great on your shelf, these lightsabers are constructed for durability, allowing you to safely cross blades with your opponent.

Can Ultrasabers Lightsabers Produce Sound Effects?

Yes, most of our lightsaber models can come equipped with sound boards that produce authentic lightsaber sounds as you swing, clash, or ignite your saber. With our selection of limitless sabers, you have greater control over the look and sound of your lightsaber than ever before with the latest in lightsaber customization options. We also offer no-sound (stunt saber) options.

How Do I Change the Color of My Lightsaber Blade?

Most Ultrasabers models have options to change the color of their blades with color discs or advanced LED systems. This allows you to customize the color of your blade according to your preference or Force alignment.

Can the Blade of My Ultrasaber Lightsaber Be Removed?

Yes, Ultrasabers lightsabers feature removable blades, which makes them easy to transport, store, and display. This feature also allows for the blade to be replaced or upgraded as needed.

Does Ultrasabers Offer Different Blade Lengths?

Yes, Ultrasabers provides several blade lengths to suit different styles of combat and user preferences. We have blades available in 16” Mini, 24” Initiate, 32”, 36” Standard, and 40” X-Long sizes. This flexibility allows Force users of all ages and sizes to find a blade that’s right for them.