Getting (Jedi) Fit

Here at UltraSabers, we craft some of the galaxy’s finest sabers, each one dispatched ready for the front lines.

But sometimes they’re just not destined for battle…

In an epidemic that seems to be spreading faster than Order 66, Lightsaber fitness classes have risen across the planet, and pounds are dropping faster than Jedi!

Taking an extreme mixture of cardio and body-weight exercises, masters and padawan alike take lightsabers in hand and practice a wide variety of swings, dodges, clashes, and other choreographed moves; each targeting muscle groups found in the upper body. “When held at arms length for nearly an hour straight, there is definitely some burn in the arms, back and shoulders, and there are also some benefits to your core and legs from holding a ‘strong, mindful stance’ for an extended period of time.”

Think it’s all just a bunch of wand-waving Harry Potter arm-magic that’s just for show? (oh we went there) Well think again. Depending on your fitness course, you might just be learning one of the Seven forms of Lightsaber Combat, ranging from Shii Cho for beginners to Mace Windu’s lethal Vaapad style for the most adept warriors.

See if there is a class in your area and join the community! We’ll be ready to craft and dispatch your saber in time for your first class.