Which is Mightier: Thor’s Hammer Or The Legendary Lightsaber?

In the Star Wars universe, the legendary lightsaber is remarkably powerful, capable of inflicting massive damage with little effort on the behalf of its wielder. That’s one of the reasons why a lightsaber duel is typically such a tense affair, as it takes only a single blow from the lightsaber blade to dramatically alter the course of the fight—or end it altogether. Death or severe injury is seldom more than a moment away. But while it’s true that the lightsaber can easily cut through almost anything, there’s a whole universe of debate and discussion contained in the word “almost.”

We know that the lightsaber’s awesome power has limitations; it’s definitely a rare occurrence when the saber encounters an object that it can’t slice apart, but it does happen. For instance, cortosis—an exceptionally strong material found on Dinzo and Mokivj—tends to resist lightsabers pretty well.

What else is out there that could thwart the mighty lightsaber? As it happens, the arrival of Avengers: Endgame in theaters worldwide comes right on time to suggest another possibility—what about Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir? We’re talking about one of the most feared weapons in the entire Marvel Universe, a hammer so laden with power and enchantment that you need to be an extraordinary individual just to be able to lift the thing off the ground.

What would happen in a Mjolnir Hammer vs. lightsaber confrontation? Can a lightsaber cut through Thor’s hammer? Keep reading for further discussion on this debate.

What is Thor’s Hammer Made Of?

Mjolnir itself was forged from the metal uru, a material exclusive to the realm of Asgard. Dwarven blacksmiths from Nidavellir harnessed the power of a dying neutron star to craft the hammer that would come to be associated with Thor. Uru is enormously durable, and it seems to have the qualities of both stone and metal.

Uru also has the capacity to absorb magical enchantments, which accounts for many of Mjolnir’s more striking powers. (It’s worth pointing out that there is persistent speculation that Asgardian “magic” is really just extremely advanced technology.) Thor’s hammer can control the weather, open wormholes in space, and perform a number of other neat tricks. Furthermore, it can be wielded only by those who are “worthy”—possessed of sufficient nobility of spirit—and that is a very short list of individuals that happens to include the Vision and Captain America.


Weaknesses of Thor’s Hammer

How can a lightsaber compare with a magical hammer that was literally enchanted by Odin, the All-Father of Asgard? How could anything compare, for that matter? Actually, established canon makes it clear that Mjolnir’s powers are neither indestructible nor irresistibly forceful.

We know that Mjolnir has gotten banged up, or outright destroyed, on multiple occasions. The Destroyer, the Molecule Man, Bor Burison, and Exitar are a few of the baddies who have managed to damage or smash Thor’s hammer over the years (although not permanently, of course).

We also know that Captain America’s vibranium shield can withstand a heavy blow from Mjolnir—and has done so, in fact—while it’s very possible that a lightsaber would, given enough time, begin to melt Cap’s shield. Can the lightsaber cut through and harm Thor’s hammer as well? Could the lightsaber defend against a Mjolnir attack? We can’t arrive at a definitive conclusion, but we prefer to think that, at the very least, Thor would walk away from his duel with a lot of respect for the combat capabilities of the legendary lightsaber.

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