Standard Sabers

These are stunt saber (sabers without sound effects). For sabers equipped with our custom Premium Obsidian soundboard click HERE.

If your main interest is in getting a dueling lightsaber, you have come to the right place. Ultrasabers are specialists in creating custom lightsabers that have quality of construction for lightsaber combat. We offer a wide variety of double blade sabers, including those that look like the FX lightsabers used in the Star Wars movies.

Be sure to look at our incredible new Standard Issue V3 Staff. This lightsaber is the result of combining together two Standard Issue V3 battle sabers. It comes as a stunt saber, without the sound effects, or you can take advantage of the sound and MHS compatibility. This unique lightsaber has a coupler that holds the two sabers together, hidden inside, to make one flush double bladed lightsaber. One of its best features is the sound capability. Use as a double-sided saber, or separate the staff to make two individual sabers.