Creating Your Custom Lightsaber

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Own Custom Lightsaber

Have you ever wanted a custom lightsaber that looks like it came straight off of the big screen? That dream can be a reality with Ultra Sabers. Ultra Sabers allows you to mix and match custom lightsaber parts and create the lightsaber you’ve always wanted!

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide with the steps it takes to creating, building and utilizing your very own custom lightsaber.

What is the Best Website to Build My Saber?

When the original Star Wars trilogy came out, there was no such thing as the internet, and making a custom lightsaber would have meant you building each piece yourself. Now, there are tons of places online that you can get a lightsaber in nearly any price range but creating a custom saber that is movie quality is a whole different story. There are a few places online where you can actually design a custom lightsaber but I have found the most success while using Ultra Sabers. Ultra Sabers has a massive variety of options to choose from when designing your ultimate fighting tool. Want a saber that looks just like Anakin Skywalker’s? You can create it! Want the hilt of Luke’s saber with the color of Master Windu’s? You got it! Want a double-edged saber like Darth Maul’s without going full sith? You can create ANY color double-edged saber. Want a unique saber that no one has ever seen or imaged before, that is totally an option!


Design Related Questions

Let’s start with what the process of building an Ultra Saber looks like.  When building your saber, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of sound, electronics, bodies, emitters, claws, couplers, pommels, and complete hilts. With so many saber options to choose from, it is hard to know where to start. For a novice saber builder, Ultra Sabers offers many pre-completed hilts that include pre-selected bodies, pommels, and couplers. If you choose to go down the path of using a completed hilt, you are still able to customize the blade, color, and sounds. You can select a completed hilt in nearly any price range beginning with the most basic completed hilt at $29.99 ranging all the way to the most expensive hilt that costs $184. If you begin to encounter any questions while trying to choose your hilt, visit the Ultra Sabers forum where you can chat with experts who have already created their own custom sabers.

Once you have chosen your hilt, you then get to choose if you want a single or double bladed saber. Choosing a blade is probably the most important step in this process. When choosing your blade, be sure to keep in mind what your intended saber use will be (we will discuss why later). There are four different blade types based on your price range and your intended saber use. These choices range from midgrade to ultraedge midgrade to heavy grade to ultraedge heavy grade. All ultraedge blades are made with while polycarbonate, this gives the blade a fuller look when the saber is turned on. All heavy grade blades have a blade wall that is twice as thick as the non-heavy grade blades. This means that this blade is nearly twice as heavy as the other blades. If you are looking to do some serious dueling, you are going to want a heavy grade blade. All heavy grade blades are more durable than the non-heavy grade blades.

The midgrade blades are recommended for those who want to want maximum brightness, spinning techniques, and light dueling or combat. The midgrade blades are made so that they slightly bend upon contact but do not break. Midgrade blades are great for cosplayers and individuals who do not desire to do serious combat and exercise with their sabers. One thing to keep in mind is that if your friends who you intend on dueling with have heavy grade blades, you are going to want to get a heavy grade blade as well. As previously mentioned, the heavy grade blades are twice the weight of the midgrade blades and therefore dueling against a heavy grade blade with a midgrade blade may cause damage to the midgrade blade.

The main downfall of the heavy grade blade is that due to the thickness of the blade, the color of the lightsaber may not seem as vibrant as the color in the midgrade blade. The ultraedge heavy grade blade is the dimmest blade by comparison seeing as it is the densest. Many people choose the ultraedge heavy grade blade because it sounds the most legit or like it would be the best but choosing a blade should be determined by what your intended use is for the saber, not just how cool of a name that blade has.

After choosing the type of blade, you can then decide the blade length. There are three choices of blade length: 36-inch, 32-inch, and 24-inch blades. The 36” blade is the most common blade and most standard sabers will use this blade unless you specify otherwise. The 32” blade is the most favorable for any double bladed sabers; and the 24” blade is also known as the Initiate blade. It is the standard size you will receive unless you choose to upgrade. Not all hilts will be computable with double-bladed sabers so keep that in mind when designing your saber and choosing your hilt.

Ultra Sabers offers a wide variety of blade colors including adegan silver, fire orange, sunriders destiny, guardian blue, consular green, blazing red, violet amethyst and artic blue. Some people say that certain colors show up best on the heavy grade blades, for example many people think that guardian blue, consular green, and adegan silver look the best on the ultraedge heavy grade blade but that does not mean that the other colors do not work. If you are extremely particular about how the colors will show up, you may want to ask other saber owners in the Saber forum for pictures of their blades before you make your choice.

Remember, everyone’s eyes will see the blades differently so colors that appear most vibrant to me, may be less appealing to you. That is why it is a good idea to take a look at other peoples’ blades before choosing your color. Are you undecided on what color saber you want? Ultra Sabers have the unique ability to change the color with their color changing discs. All you have to do is remove your blade, drop the color disc you want down into the blade socket and then fasten your blade back into place. This is an awesome feature that can allow you to be a swift Jedi some days and a daring Sith at other times. Another option is to purchase the RGB blade color options, which means you will have seven different color blade options within just one hilt. The seven colors are red, green, blue, yellow, violet, arctic blue, and silverfish or very light violet.

Once you have designed your saber, you need to decide how important sound is to you. If you are using your saber to make amateur films, you may not need the sounds effects seeing as you will be able to add them in digitally. In contrast, many individuals who use their sabers in duels prefer to have the lightsaber sound effects built into their saber to give the saber a more life-like effect. There are a range of sound effects you can choose from on the Ultra Saber website. If you want your lightsaber to emit sound, you will need to buy a speaker/battery holder. There are two types of speaker, one type that works with four AAA batteries and the other is a rechargeable battery. Having trouble deciding which type of speaker/battery to chose? You can always visit to discuss with other saber owners which type they prefer. I really recommend getting plugged in with the Saber Forum from the beginning of this process seeing as there are hundreds of choices and this process can, at times, seem a bit overwhelming.

How Quickly Can You Have Your Saber?

After placing your order with Ultra Sabers, you can check the status of your saber by logging into your Ultra Sabers account and viewing the “Order Status”. If all the parts for your lightsaber are in stock, Ultra Sabers does its best to get you your saber as quickly as possible. In the creation process, Ultra Sabers will calculate your shipping cost prior to collecting your payment information so that you can pay for your saber and it’s shipping all at once. Your order will be shipped shortly after Ultra Sabers receives your payment.

Depending on how quickly you need your saber, there are multiple UPS shipping options available. If you are in a rush to get your saber, you can do same day or overnight shipping but there also are other options you can choose if you want to save money when getting the saber shipped. The longest it will take your saber to get to you is 4-5 business days, if you are located within the US. Shipments to Canada are a bit more expensive but you can still receive your saber within a week if necessary. Ultra Sabers is also able to ship sabers all over the world but it comes at a little higher cost to the buyer (totally worth it).

What Will The Saber’s Use Be?

Once you have completed creating your Ultra Saber, you are going to want to start using it right away. Whether your want to use your saber for cosplay purposes or for combat, your Ultra Saber will do the trick. Fortunately, Ultra Sabers are built with such quality material that these sabers will hold up in real saber-to-saber combat. If you are planning on doing serious dueling with your saber, you should definitely get the heavy grade blade. Although all blades will work in combat, getting the heavy grade blade will ensure a longer life to your saber and is recommended for those individuals who are intermediate to advanced duelers. Besides simply looking awesome, you can actually go out and duel other saber owners with your customized saber.

Once I Have My Saber, How Can I Get Involved With a Club?

Having difficulty finding other lightsaber masters? We’ve got you covered. Jedi and sith throughout the galaxy have come together on SaberForum to plan saber meet ups and chat about any and all things saber related. Although the group is made up of individuals at any level from beginners to advanced, be sure to get some practice in with your new saber before showing up to combat a fellow member of the Saber Forum. There are many skilled Jedi and Sith in this group and you don’t want to lose a hand on your first day!