Why Are Diamond Sabers the Ultimate Sabers?

What is the best lightsaber on the market today? When all is said and done, the best saber is, naturally, the one that you like best. But that standard disclaimer aside, it should be noted that what many collectors prize above all else in a lightsaber is versatility—they want a sword that comes with a lot of cool features and capabilities, and gives its owner broad latitude to customize it as they see fit. For quite a few of our customers, their search for a saber that fulfills these requirements ended when they discovered our Diamond sabers. These swords, which include a wide range of sound and light effects generated by our Diamond Controller, are widely regarded as the ultimate sabers. Here’s why.


Overview of the Ultrasabers Diamond Controller

Our Diamond lightsabers come with the powerful Diamond Controller, which is a soundboard that has been combined with an LED driver. The Diamond Controller is capable of creating a huge array of synchronized sound and light effects—but that’s not even the most impressive feature associated with this component. What really distinguishes the Diamond saber is its ability to sense specific motions of the sword and produce pre-configured sound/light effects in response. This is possible because the controller stores a variety of fonts and effects that are designed to activate when certain basic moves and gestures are detected.

Fonts – These are collections of color and sound effects. Each Diamond controller can store up to 16 fonts; 9 are pre-installed for your convenience.

Effects – These are sets of light and sound effects that play simultaneously in response to specific saber motions or actions. You can store up to 15 effects in each font. Each effect is triggered by a specific lightsaber action (e.g., a stabbing motion). There are also four “static” effects, which activate when the saber becomes idle, or is powered on or off.

Basic Moves – The controller can detect five basic moves: swing, impact, spin, stab, and force. Each move will produce an effect of the user’s choosing.

Gestures – The controller can even learn specific user-created gestures lasting five seconds or less. Gestures aren’t restricted to simple moves, as the controller is able to follow even complicated sequences of saber activity so long as they do not exceed the five-second limit. Each font can store five gestures. When the Diamond lightsaber is shipped, it will come with five default gestures loaded on each font; these can be retained or deleted as the user prefers.

To enable the Diamond controller to record a gesture, all you need to do is activate the gesture-learning mode and perform the movements; the Diamond controller will learn the sequence of motions and generate the desired effects whenever you repeat the specific actions.

The Diamond saber comes with our Ultrasabers Launcher software that will give you all the tools needed to configure the Diamond controller according to your specifications.

We invite you to explore the Ultrasabers online catalog to learn more about the Diamond lightsaber and its various features. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions about these high-quality sabers or anything else in our inventory.