Ultra Proffie Lightsabers

On-the-go Lightsaber control & customization that surpasses any before it. Each saber is available with our Ultra Proffie soundboard, giving you complete mastery of every inch of its blade color, animations, sounds and even gestures. Smooth Swing, Blaster Block, Wall Melt and so much more are all baked right in to any Ultra Proffie equipped Ultrasaber. Choose your hilt below to get started.

Build a Proffie Lightsaber

The Ultra Proffie Soundboard grants its wielder complete control over the color, sounds, sensitivity, and more of their lightsaber.

How do I use Ultra Proffie?

We’ve received a ton of feedback from users who felt that the original Proffie OS was beyond their reach due to the level of coding knowledge needed in order to make changes even as simple as adjusting a blade color. While we know many of you are adept and fantastic at this approach, we wanted this to be more accessible to the community. Check out the videos below to become a master of your Ultra Proffie saber in minutes!

Nearly every Ultrasaber across the site can be configured with the UlraProffie Sound Board, but if you have any questions about building your custom lightsaber or configuring your Ultra Proffie Soundboard, check out the Ultrasabers Saber Forum or drop us a line in our chat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultra Proffie Ultrasabers

Still have questions about creating your custom lightsaber? We’ve gathered some of the most common questions people ask when they build a lightsaber for the first time (or the hundredth).

Do Ultrasabers have Smooth Swing

Smooth Swing, Smooth-ish swing, Rough swing, it’s all up to you. Use the Ultra Proffie controller to give your Ultrasaber the perfect level of sensitivity on every motion your saber could possibly make!

Do Ultrasabers have Tip Drag?

Tip Drag, Wall Melt, Blaster Block, Force Lightning, and so so so much more. Yes, it’s all here, all baked right in alongside the 25+ preloaded soundfonts that come with your Ultra Proffie Lightsaber: .;

What Colors Are available on an Ultra Proffie Lightsaber?

All of them. Every custom lightsaber color you could ask for is just a single button press away, and can be saved to each of the Profiles on your Ultrasaber. 25 not enough? Add your own for a total of up to 99 slots.

Craft an Elegant Weapon When You Build Your Own Lightsaber Online at Ultrasabers

If you’re ready to fulfill your destiny, build your own lightsaber online now. Get started by selecting your favorite hilt from the options above. With so many hilts available for full customization, you’ll finally be able to craft the custom lightsaber you’ve always wanted. Build a lightsaber now and take your first step into a larger world.

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