Making Your Custom Lightsaber Your Own

In the Star Wars universe, crafting a custom lightsaber is a highly individualized process based on materials available for fabrication, the combat requirements of the owner, and the owner’s particular relationship with The Force. Things are a bit different here on Earth in the early 21st century, however, because you can visit UltraSabers for all the parts and accessories you need to assemble the custom lightsabers you’ve been dreaming about.

How do you make your lightsaber truly your lightsaber? It goes without saying that, ultimately, it’s all up to you. Some of our customers are happy with a non-customized, standard Emerald and Diamond lightsaber available through our Express Checkout option. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nonetheless, we do have a few customization suggestions that will help you make your own lightsaber.


Display or Battle Ready Lightsaber?

What you plan on doing with your lightsaber has a lot to do with the options you select for it. Some people prefer to display their lightsaber as a more or less permanent fixture at their home, like a movie poster. Others want the full battle experience that combat lightsabers can provide. So how does this consideration affect your choices?
If you just need a lightsaber for show, then you may want to select a Mid Grade blade. These are lightweight blades that can radiate especially bright colors. For those searching for battle-ready lightsabers, you’ll probably want to select a Heavy Grade blade, which is literally twice the weight of the Midgrade type. It’s also extremely durable.

Nonetheless, it is possible to do light sparring with the Midgrade—this is true for all our blades—so this option does provide you with a lot of flexibility. If you’re looking for an all-purpose lightsaber, the Mid Grade is probably your best choice.

What About Lightsaber Colors?

The Star Wars universe has evolved beyond the exclusively red or blue lightsabers seen in A New Hope, and our inventory reflects this fact. Our color discs allow you to generate the precise hue that you like in your lightsaber. It needs to be pointed out, however, that using color discs does result in a noticeable loss in brightness.

A Tip on Tips

Ultrasabers offers a selection of round and pointed lightsaber tip options to choose from. What’s the difference? None, really. The tip does not affect the functionality of the blade in any way, so you’re free to pick the kind you like best. Please be aware that our pointed tips cost extra, however, because they must be custom made.

Additional Custom Lightsaber Ideas

There is a practically infinite number of ways that you could customize your lightsaber, and we can’t cover the subject here in any real depth. What we can do is point you to a fantastic resource for ideas on how to customize or build a lightsaber to your specifications—that’s our official forum over at With over 600,000 posts and counting, it’s full of amazing lightsaber suggestions from our customer base. And of course, we invite you to visit UltraSabers and have a look at the best custom lightsabers around.