Beyond Obsidian

Everyday, thousands of Obsidian Soundboards announce the start of battles all over the world. The loud hums and clashes echo through households, across parks, within dojos; everywhere saber blades will collide.

The Obsidian Soundboard

It was called the pinnacle of Lightsaber technology at one point in its life, and while advancements like the Emerald Driver may boast a more advanced ability, the Obsidian Soundboard still reigns as one of the most coveted additions to any custom saber. Every Obsidian Soundboard comes standard with the UltraSabers Obsidian SoundFont, but the v3 & v4 Soundboards are able to be updated with the use of the UltraSabers Obsidian Launcher (notice a pattern here?). But updated to what, you might be wondering? We’re so glad you asked.

Welcome to, The online hub for UltraSaber enthusiasts from across the galaxy. Packed with information, role-playing, combat techniques, and even a couple little members who have set up shop- is your new home when it comes to caring for and customizing every detail of your UltraSaber, right down to the sounds! For now we’ll direct your attention here: to a small sub-page of The Obsidian Order, where hundreds of Jedi and Sith alike have posted their own custom, handmade, soundfonts to share with the UltraSabers community!

Ready for a Force Awakens Soundfont? Download it here.

Why stop at the standard hums, clashes, and sparks? Why not bring something more… metal? Check out the Metallica soundfont by Darth Sabre, full of samples and clips from Metallica’s “One”.

“Awesome” just not your style? Want to make the battle a thousand times more adorable? Suit up your saber with the Cat Soundfont from SaberForum user Angel_Rain.

Customization doesn’t stop with the soundfonts found on Long-time member and heavy contributor EeRockK has put together a step by step guide to show you how to convert any .WAV file into a LSU file for use with your Obsidian Soundboard equipped saber! Check it out here, and get started customizing your own soundfont!

EeRockK’s Make your own saber soundfont tutorial

Learn more, you must.

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