Beyond Obsidian

Every day, thousands of Obsidian Soundboards announce the start of lightsaber duels all over the world. The loud hums and clashes echo through households, across parks, within dojos, and other environments where saber blades collide. There’s just no mistaking the distinctive lightsaber sound effects of the Obsidian Soundboard.

The Obsidian Soundboard

It was called the pinnacle of lightsaber technology at one point in its life, and while newer innovations like the Emerald Driver may boast more advanced capabilities, the Obsidian Soundboard still reigns as one of the most coveted additions to any custom saber. Every Obsidian Soundboard comes standard with the UltraSabers Obsidian SoundFont, but the v3 & v4 Soundboards can be updated with the use of the UltraSabers Obsidian Launcher (notice a pattern here?). But, you may ask, updated to what? We’re so glad you asked. You have a lot of options to choose from.


If you haven’t already made a visit, you should definitely check out our official online forum over at, the online hub for UltraSabers enthusiasts from across the galaxy. Packed with information, role playing events, and discussions of combat techniques, is your destination when you need up-to-date info about caring for and customizing every detail of your UltraSaber, right down to the sounds!

With over 700,000 posts and counting, the forum has more than enough useful material to keep you occupied for a while. We’d like to direct your attention to an especially germane subforum called the Obsidian Order, where fans of this well-regarded soundboard discuss its various features and options. This subforum includes a soundfonts section that features many fan-made audio effects that have been designed for the Obsidian Soundboard. If you collect DIY lightsaber sounds, you won’t find a better resource than

While we’re on the subject of lightsaber soundfonts, here are a few more links that might help you find the auditory bliss you seek:

  • Not sure what kinds of Star Wars sound effects work best for you? Read a discussion of the various UltraSabers soundfonts you can use with your Obsidian saber.
  • The halo soundfont provides yet another amazing audio spectacle that you should experience, and you can do just that by listening to this video.
  • Why stop at the standard-operating lightsaber hums, clashes, and sparks? Why not bring something more… metal to the battle? Check out Darth Sabre’s Metallica soundfont, full of perfectly sliced samples and clips from Metallica’s “One.”
  • “Awesome” just not your style? Want to make the battle a thousand times more… adorable? Suit up your saber with the Cat soundfont (Dropbox Link) from SaberForum user Angel_Rain.

Customization doesn’t stop with the soundfonts found on Long-time member and heavy contributor EeRockK has put together a step by step guide to show you how to convert any .WAV file into a LSU file for use with your Obsidian Soundboard equipped saber! Check it out here, and get started customizing your own soundfont!

EeRockK’s Make your own saber soundfont tutorial

As always- if you have questions about the Obsidian soundboard or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.